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An American Adventure


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Bank Holiday means treat time for SWMBO so I took her on an adventure...... not quite what she had in mind though.....


This bloke knew he way




We're here!!!!




Somebody's excited....




But not now....




Where's the ticket booth?




This place has gone down hill




The rides were better than this I'm sure



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Lol think it must of closed about 10 years ago Mike - shame, I had some great laughs their :(


Closed in 2007 although the last season was 2006, it never actually opened it's gates in 2007.

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Only went once while it was open, but a few times since, there's some cracking wildlife around there.


Once I watched two foxes with at least 10 cubs playing about 20 foot away.

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They had Canada geese nesting in the log flume, they timed flying in and out between rides. I agree with Mick, bags of wildlife.

I don't know what they plan to do with the place now. Someone will make money out of it somewhere.

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