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8 hours ago, BAZ said:

Interesting, I am fairly new to these app based planetarium programs and fairly slow to get to grips with them, usually being comfortable just as they stop support for them.

I do intend to use this for more than just the coordinates that I have previously used it for, so I was expecting it to be an improvement on good old Stellarium and the SS5 plus.

I was intending to go back to my old paper logs and input them all into this.

Looking further into it I'm sure you'll like it Martyn. SS 6 Pro looks like it should be a really good program and probably better than Stellarium.


It seems that it is not optimised for my device, which is very disappointing. Some features won't work properly, some dialog boxes just don't show and customization is extremely limited. On talking to the Google technical department today, it would appear that my 3 year old 10" tablet is now ready for the bin and won't run a lot of apps properly!


So I will go to Currys and buy a  new tablet that will hopefully last another 3 years, and give SS 6 Pro another try.

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I have put it on my Lenovo cheepy tablet, which doesn't have accelerometers or a compass, but still shows the important stuff and allows me to log objects under observation lists. On my Android phone though it works very well and seems to be aimed more at the phone market.

I hope you get it sorted out. There's enough to keep even you going for a bit, there's catalogues listed I haven't even heard of and around 25 million stars apparently.

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Hidden Treasures

Turned up eventually, thicker than the other in series 

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