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It's Finished ! Heart Neb Mosaic.


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Well I have finally finished putting together my obsession. :frantic: :frantic: :frantic:

Lost track of the number of subs but it is in the many hundreds.

Tonight I went through all the day by day folders, took out the Tiff's and individually cropped off the stacking abnormalities around the edges.

I then combined all the similar Tiff's into 14 separate panels and stitched them together in Microsoft ICE.

This resulted in a single Tiff of a tad under 50 Mb.

Put this back into PS 6 and polished it very slightly.


So this is the final result of my efforts.


Click on the image for full res.



Edited by Graham
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amazing :o


Thank you Allen.


well done graham :)


Thanks Sheila. It was worth it in the end :)


Excellent.. :)


Thanks Col


That's really something special Graham, just the RGB to do then?  :D  :D


Thanks Ron. RGB :o   NO CHANCE :lol:


That is absolutely stunning Graham, bet you are pleased with that.


I am Darren, in more than one way. Pleased with how it turned out and pleased its finished.

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great stuff Graham

and nicely processed



it does not need colour


Thanks Steve.

No way am I going through that again to give it colour :lol:

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Guest peepshow

There is so much detail to see. Not only the heart but all the interesting groups of stars.

Just to think that this is all above our heads is a great wonder, difficult to put into words.

Well done.

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