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good astronomy book

Guest memento2me

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Guest memento2me

hi there,


i just finished reading terence dickinson "hubble's universe". it's very good informative book with lots of stunning pictures. i am looking for a similar book about solar system, our galaxy or universe in general. could you recommend me any good book that is similar in hubble's universe (with lots of new pictures and explanations about them). i prefer new ones (year 2010-2013)


thank you

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Although not a current book, I picked this up in a charity shop. It is a detailed explanation on how everything works, it goes in depth on how stars are born, to their demise along with the planets they may have. I liked the way the author talks to you, not down to you as some of these books do, and gets a good deal of information across in plain English. I have now read a few by the same author, and they are all good.

My tuppence worth any way.



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Can't think where else to post this ..... 


Just seen a copy of "Astronomy without mathematics" (dated 1869) on Loughborough market.


A freely downloadable copies are available here in various formats (pdf/tex/kindle etc)

 http://archive.org/details/astronomywithout00grimuoft  and here  http://openlibrary.org/books/OL7049955M/Astronomy_without_mathematics


*** Note - there is a statement on the first link that says the book is NOT in copyright ***


Don't expect hubble-esque images, it is possible that some of the information may have been updated during the past 144 years  :lol:  and the title is a little misleading as I've already found some maths!   :P  


Very tempted to pop back and buy the hard copy just for the interest value.

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