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ngc1499 - California Nebula


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Combined 2x900s subs in each panel to form this image:

Kit used:

Atik 383L+ mono with SX filter wheel and Baader Ha filter (7nm)

Altair Astro 115EDT-APO + reducer flattener

Avalon Linear Fast EQ mount on observatory pier.

Processed in AA5 to produce the two panel stacks and convert to 16 bit tiffs

Two panels aligned and merged in PS CS3.



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Thanks All.


Baz its a 0.8x reducer


Martyn - I've just finishing an HaRGB version will post that possibly today, its in 3 panels with more detail.


Thanks again



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I lent Francis a prototype Altair Planostar 3" 0.79x reducer/flattener which is designed to work with our three Wave Series APO refractors 102, 115 and big 130mm, so they operate at F5.53 with a larger field. It seems to be working well according to Francis's test, and we are a go with this new product, so (as usual) we'll do a small initial production run at an affordable price to get these in the field and into the hands of early adopters. You can sign up for that on the product page using the "notify when in stock" button. This will be a much anticipated accessory for 102 and 115 owners, and will connect directly to the focuser rear thread. We are also working on a smaller 2" version which can be used with Altair 102 APO and various refractors from f6 to f8. Francis may have a colour shot too.

The idea was to have 3x telescopes in one, by swapping the accessories

- no flattener/reducer = visual instrument for deep sky or planetary viewing

- Planostar 1.0x field flattener = imaging at native FL for say galaxies and smaller DSOs

- Planostar 0.79x field flattener = imaging f5.53 for larger objects


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Folks here's the Altair Planostar 3" 0.79x reducer/flattener specification, and I've put up a diagram showing spacing data for various telescopes in our range.


I haven't got an exact price yet, but hoping it will be around £250. More availability info when I get confirmation on machining and lens assembly.


The flattener will fit direct to the focuser via the rear adapter, also we have a new focuser coming along which it will also fit directly.


Thanks Nick

Edited by Altair
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