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Comet Garradd should be easy to spot tonight


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During February, Comet C/2009 P1 (Garradd) shines at seventh magnitude and glides through Hercules and Draco before entering Ursa Minor. It passes less than one degree from the globular cluster M92 on February 2 and February 3. Visit http://cometchasing.skyhound.com/ for additional information on comets visible in February.

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Have you got a new zoom eyepice? :angry:


Ha ha, feel quite bad, I know a few people on here have been after this ep for quite a while, I could not beleive it when I e-mailed Green Witch on Wednesday and they had it in stock, also, you are more than welcome to come round and try it if you want, I will be in all night!

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Guest Tweedledum

For those of you with Stellarium below is the text that you need to cut & paste into SSYSTEM.INI in the stellariumdata folder. This will enable you to track if you have a goto mount or make it easier to locate Manually.


name = C/2009 P1 (Garradd)

parent = Sun

radius = 80

oblateness = 0.0

halo = true

color = 1.0,1.0,1.0

tex_halo = star16x16.png

tex_map = nomap.png

coord_func = comet_orbit

orbit_TimeAtPericenter = 2455919.1863

orbit_PericenterDistance = 1.550778

orbit_Eccentricity = 1.000901

orbit_ArgOfPericenter = 90.7398

orbit_AscendingNode = 325.9957

orbit_Inclination = 106.1893

lighting = false

albedo = 1

orbit_visualization_period = 365.25

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Guest Tweedledum

Hi There,

It is the SSystem.ini and put in the middle. You may need to use wordpad, sometime notepad does not pick up word wrap properly. It should read pretty much like my script.

Any probs drop me a pm with your version of stellarium & I'll send you the .ini file.



it will be great around 23.30-01.30 !

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