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Atair 20mm hyperwide

Guest ivan

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Hi , I am curios  to know if anyone else  out there has viewed  m42 through one of these amazing eyepieces, My  own experience  is one of  sheer astonishment at the way the whole nebula appears in an almost 3D vision, trapezium stars fantastically clear ,ok not huge magnification but still at 100deg view you can look around for ages !!

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They're pretty good Ivan - not used one myself but I've heard them described as "similar to ES 100deg eye pieces".


With M42 - try following along the nebula in one arm. It gets faint but it goes right round in a massive loop and comes back along the other arm eventually resulting in a huge heart shape. I've not seen the entire thing in a single eyepiece yet - it's larger than you thinks - and I was using a 20" dob at Kelling. It's a bit like tracing right round the Veil nebula.... stunningly large. :)

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I have a 100 degree eyepiece and absolutely love it.


Ready to sell the house for some more, and the new 120 degree series, £1094 for one ep! :o


Some people don't get on with such wide fields, but to me it is like the difference between watching a portable TV in your lounge and 60" flat screen. The telescope just seems to get out of the way leaving you up there in space :D .


I have marvelled at M42 in my 14mm 100 degree and had a similar experience to you. In fact almost everything I look at with it has that wow factor and often some 3d effect. Trouble is that I am now no longer impressed by a mere 82 degree field of view :facepalm2: .

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The Altair one looks exactly like the Meade Xtreme, but is cheaper. The ES versions are probably exactly the same design inside but look different outside.


This thread shows an X ray of the identical lens configurations in both the ES 14mm and the Televue Ethos 13mm.



I'm sure they are all pretty much the same with the odd tweak here and there and different looking casings.


These hyper wide eyepieces can really open up a telescope and let you see much more in one view. Obviously for planets and double stars there is little advantage in such wide fields. For DSO's they can provide very impressive views.


The 100 degree eyepieces show 1.5x as much sky as the same focal length 82 degree ep!

The 120 degree, according to US reports, has been measured and calculated to have a field of view nearer 140 degrees! I recently had confirmation of this in a telephone conversation with ES, although the guy did not have any precise numbers. This would show an area of sky up to 2.9x that of the same focal length 82 degree ep, and up to 8x the area of your average 50 degree plossl of the same focal length!!

Al Naglers "82 degree Spacewalk Experience" is just so last century :D .

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