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Big Al

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Anyone on here been?

Thinking of going early next year (avoiding full moon weeks). Obvious intention to watch the Aurora if possible.

Any suggestions, recommendations regarding locations, hotels, etc? Flight options from the UK seem a bit limited?

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I went about 6 years ago. Didn't see any aurora.

Flew from Gatwick i think.

Hired a car and travelled half way along the south coast and a bit up the west.

It's cold.

They eat rotten shark.

The tap water smells of rotten shark.

The people are lovely.

The place is lovely.

I didn't try the rotten shark.


Sorry i can't be more helpful.


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stayed here  http://www.hotelranga.is/


great place, saw aurora 3 nights out of 5, also saw that volcano no one can pronounce still spitting steam.


very expensive wherever you go, also most things you want to buy are expensive.


thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the landcruiser trip up the glaciers.  You need to allow as many nights as you can for aurora, we were lucky :D


Arranged trip myself as the packages seemed to be more expensive then i could get myself and hired a car.




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Iceland is on my todo list, along with an arctic cruise up to Svalbard :brr: .


Hope you lot post up some photos of your visit.


Several years ago I took my wife on a surprise wedding anniversary flight from EMA to see the Aurora from the plane, didn't need passports since we were departing and arriving at EMA. No LP up towards the arctic circle over the sea. We thoroughly enjoyed it :) .

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James - thanks for the insightful tip regarding what not to eat  :rolleyes:

Damien - I don't drink, so that's not a problem for me. My wife, however...

Mike - do you know who that package was with?

Sheila - the Ranga was one that I was looking at already, I see it gets good reviews on Tripadvisor. How did you get on finding your way around whilst driving?

Darren - that's a useful site. Will bookmark that one.

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