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Coma corrector.

Guest Dave Wall

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The short answer is, depends on your scope.

A Newtonian utilising a parabolic mirror is subject I believe to coma but only a F6 and below, the faster you go, the greater the coma (chromatic aberration or CA).

Certain scopes are designed to reduce these affects or you can buy a coma corrector.

I found wiki's page on coma correction to be nice and clear....


But wiki is open to human error, so I would see if anybody else on here has any more.

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Guest Kheldar

Is it essential? No :) (Crop FTW)


Would I buy one (and did I for the 200P?) Yes :)


You will get coma at the outer FOV if you slap a DSLR on that ... however if you're using a webcam/small CCD you probably wouldn't even notice it ...

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Yes for imaging and if like me you own cheap eyepieces... :P

My ATIK is 1300x1000 ish pixels and I get coma at the edges and this is less than half the area a DSLR covers.


If you read up about it you will see that you don't have to go far from the mirror sweet spot before coma starts to creap in.

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