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Jupiter 22.12.2013 GRS (Just!)


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So I set up the scope with a view to letting it cool a little longer than it had been already and looked at Jupiter Guide app on my iphone and saw that the GRS was just finishing transiting across the disc so I whacked the 2x TV powermate and ASI120MC on and messed about with focus quickly and fired off a total of 5 avis. Below is the best image,. There are two of the same image as I processed them a little differently each time. The first one is done totally in registax and the second one I ran through Unsharp mask in PS CS2.


The avi was 3000 frames but put through pipp with quality detector on and best 2000 frames kept. I then ran it through registax which decided to only stack 680ish frames.


The seeing was a little better at times but still not great I dont think. The jetsream is above us still so I don't think that helped at all. I will process the rest of the avis and se what I've got to work with tomorrow and add them to this thread.


Jupiter 22.12.2013 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr#


Jupiter 22.12.2013 US by Gattouomo161, on Flickr

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Cheers Steve. Yeah I agree about the seeing, better than it has been but still not great I dont think. I am looking forward to the 28th if the forecast remains clear as 7timer predicts good conditions that night. I will be in cheltenham with family ( they moved from the briliant skies of devon :( ) but I will be taking my kit as I dont wanna miss out!

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Nice set Felix, I was so gutted that i couldn't go out last night because it was forecast clear all night, I wanted to try Jupiter too but at work today and tomorrow :(


Seeing didn't seemed bad either, m31 was naked eye at just 5.30pm along with the double cluster

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I was bored so did a re-process last night. It was quite a major re-process in that I joined together all 5 avis that I shot one after the other on the night. I joined them using virtual dub. Then I took the joined together avi whic was 15,000 frames and put it through PIPP and set the option to assess and sort the frames in order of quality. I also clicked an option to duplicate the best quality frames. I limited the process to the best 10,000 frames (not including the duplicates). Once it had finished it gave me an avi of 17,500 frames. I then used AS!2 for the first time and this sorted the best 13,125 frames and stacked them. I then took the resulting tiff file and put it into registax 5.1 and messed with the wavelets to give the below image. Am not sure about it myself, I like the colours but the blurring I think may be due to rotation. I may go back and pt through winjupos at some point to see if I can de-rotate it at all. I was just experimenting with new software really as I was bored! I very muc like AS!2 thoug and will probably use it for stacking from now on.


ASProcessUS by Gattouomo161, on Flickr

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I really am trying to avoid doing some decorating whilst my Christmas Hols come to an end so have re-porcessed just 3000 frames from the 22nd :D I have stacked 2475 frames of the 3000 using registax 5.1 and done wavelets in there too and then a tiny smidge of unsharp mask in PS CS2. It is certainly better than the 12,000 frame effort above! Well clearer anyway.


22.12.2013 2475 of 3000 withUS by Gattouomo161, on Flickr

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