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Sincerest Condolences to Steve (Kirkster501)


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Please join me in offering our sincerest condolences to Steve who lost his wife Yvonne to cancer only just yesterday morning. Such a loss, especially at this time of year, is tragic and unbearable.


I'm sure that all of EMS members would want to offer Steve our comfort and support, and to let him know that he is always welcome to visit our meetings, if it would help him at all, to share our love of the night sky, or just to talk.


Sincerest Condolences Steve from all of us here at EMS.

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Sad to hear Steve there isn't much I can add to make this easier for you. I just hope that family and time make it less painful and in time it might bring the best memories to your mind and that they make it easier for you

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Guest kirkster501

Many thanks to everyone for your wonderful and kind words.  My beautiful wife Yvonne who was only 51 died in my arms 10:35 23 December after a 18 month battle with primary lung, breast and spinal cancer.  She was fit, slim, ate healthily and was a none-smoker.  And she still gets lung cancer.  She had some very painful operations that caused her much suffering.  So she is at piece now and that gives me much solace.


I am utterly devastated beyond belief and struggling to make sense of the loss.  It is just so painful, physically so.  I opened my Christmas presents this morning from Yvonne and was in floods of tears. I keep bursting out in tears at her loss and the frightening thoughts of where I am going to go from here at what lies in store for me for the rest of my life.  I suppose i should not focus on such things and get over the here and now.


Merry Christmas,

Steve xx

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Hi Steve, I too have been there. My wife also died of lung/stomach cancer aged 52. You cannot make any sense of it and want desparatly to blame somebody and ask why' why?? I could tell you time is a healer but really it numbs the pain and gradually it becomes bearable but things come along, music, sights or sounds that throw you backwards for a while but these too get easier. If you want to chat about it PM me anytime I can say hand on heart after 9 years it is a lot easier and I now only think of the good times and have a chuckle to myself, life goes on regardless of how you feel and that's the thing that will get you through these hard, painful times..

All my best to you Steve





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Guest june1902

so sad for you steve, it,s just a few week's since i lost my wonderfull wife, so im acutely aware of the path you will need to tread in the coming week's,

take care of yourself,and take it one day at a time.    regard's, john.

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