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Christmas Astro Gift Haul.


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Merry Christmas.


Come on then, what astronomy related gifts did you receive from Santa Claus this year?


I have opened a few but not all of my gifts and so far I have:


A t shirt with Ursa Major on the front.

The Astro photographer of the year book.

An Astro themed hard covered note book.

(and slightly more tenuous link) A remote control for the van stereo so I can alter the tunes whilst sat in the warm room area of the van.


Over to you :)

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Merry Christmas all !

Steve Hadfield's astro book

Arctic gloves

and a mug like a camera lens!!


(also a drumming course on 6 DVD's!)



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Apart from some thermal socks and baselayers to help keep me alive whilst observing, I got the most intriguing and interesting (for me) book. See the bottom bit of my signature below.

The book is called "How Big is Big and How Small is Small". It is brilliant and quite technical. Takes you from smaller than the Planck Length to bigger than the observable universe and on to number constructs that would make the sum total of everything in the universe seem less than nothing! Totally mind boggling :)

My 13 year old son got an incredible Dr. Who's TARDIS that levitates and can spin in mid air. You can pass things above, below and around it, and it just hangs there with seemingly nothing holding it. I'm mesmerised by it :)

Merry Christmas.

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Santa was bringing me vols 1 & 2 of the Night Sky Observer's Guide, but volume 2 has fallen off the sleigh! Both despatched on the same day we are told, but only one arrived (at least that's the Autumn/Winter one). Worried!

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