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Picture of the Month December 2013


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Picture of the Month December 2013

Here's the December 2013 roundup to see the old year out and the New Year in, again apologies if you havent had a mention but there are so many fine images submitted I would be here till next month including them all:


Comets, Asteroids, Meteors & Meteorites

Peter Shah gave us a super image of Lovejoy http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6625-lovejoy-17th-dec/

fwm891 also bagged Lovejoy here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6668-lovejoy-reprocessed-data/


Deep Sky Objects

andyboy1970s Running Man nebula captured some lovely colours http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6440-the-running-man/


A nice deep Horsehead and Flame from Kheldar in Ha http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6458-another-horseheadflame/


ollypenrice has been up to his usual tricks again with some stunning images of two favourite objects shown very deep here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6479-two-new-ones-from-france/ and here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6730-more-pottering-on-m42/


Astrocookie submitted an image of M42 here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6560-m42-91213/#entry75270 which deserves a mention because its taken with his home modded camera and guiding rig, well done Paul


Ron Clarkes M1 shows good detail here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6503-my-december-m1/


You can certainly see why the Witch Head nebula is so called in fwm891s image here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6501-witch-head-nebula-ic2118/ also he captured the Tadpoles well in IC410 here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6563-ic410-in-h-alpha. I do like his M45 here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6498-m45/


Peter Shahs image of Simels 147 is fascinating http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6514-a-bit-of-simeis-147/ also I have never seen the Pacman as deep as this before http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6656-ngc281-rgb-and-some-ha/


Ibbo gave us a seasonal Christmas Rose in Ha here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6691-christmas-rose/ and I love the ethereal quality of his Jellyfish Nebula here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6706-ic443-jellyfish-in-ha/


Wolfman gave us a nice close up of M82 here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6717-m82-last-night/



Grahams 1st quarter here shows good focus and fine detail with good contrast http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6552-luna-shot-from-tonight-09122013/


Xanthic gave us a shot from the same night here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6632-moon-from-09122013/



Jupiter is the star of the show and almost all submitted images were of the gas giant

tbird started the ball rolling with Jupiter and Europa http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6553-jupiter-and-europa-09-12-2013/ and I do like his Io shadow transit here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6667-io-shadow-transit/


catman161 gave us some nice shots here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6600-jupiter-14122013/ and his images of the GRS here are very crisp http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6672-jupiter-22122013-grs-just/


Ibbos Jupiter through the night shows the GRS and satellite progressions here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6671-jupiter-through-the-night-2122-dec-2013/



Only one submission this month. catman161 gave us an at eyepiece sketch of NGC2264 here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6532-ngc-2264-04122013/



 A nice colourful Venus and sunset was submitted by Tibbz2 http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6488-venus-at-sunset/


Dawson caught a couple of Geminids here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6594-geminids-141213/

I like Peter Shahs traffic lights and Milky Way http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6492-traffic-lights-and-the-milky-way/ very colourful


Mark Harper gave us some nice wide shots here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6719-last-nights-sky-from-the-garden/



So all that remains is for me to announce a winner, hmm very difficult as there have been some stonking images but the one that gets my vote is fwm891s M45 image here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/6498-m45/ because of its depth and colour. The detail in the nebulosity is excellent  and I know from experience just how difficult processing this object can be due to the gradients in the surrounding wispy stuff. So congratulations Francis a key for APT is on its way to you.


A happy New Year to everyone



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Congratulations Francis, a cracking image.


Thanks to all for your hard work, really good one this time, and a hard one for Phil.


A Happy New Year to you all, and look forward to your efforts this coming year. :)

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