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new ccd

Guest ivan

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(happy new year all,)   I  am  expecting to replace my current ccd camera quite soon, has anyone any thoughts about sub £1000 ccd cams ?  I was maybe thinking of  buying an Atik 320e  or  Imaging source  equivalent,  My scope is A Atair 130 edt apo  on an eq45 mount ,  I have concentrated on planets at the moment & have some reasonable images, my current camera is an Inova plb-c2 colour, ok only budget but still quite capable of decent results. I am  using Registax6 to process is there any point in investing in say Astroart 5 or similar to go just that bit further ? help would be appreciated.

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i don`t think you can go far wrong with any of the Atik ccd cameras and the 320 looks a good contender for a sub £1000 camera, also the Atik aftersales service is second to none.

as for capturing and processing software i use either Atik`s own capture software which is good and free of course or Astro Photography Tool (APT) which can also be used with a ccd camera as well as a DLSR camera and works a treat and i love using it, also the demo version is totally free or pay 12 euro for full version, then i stack using Deep Sky Stacker 3.3.3 51 beta version, which is free of the internet, and then process with photoshop CS3, also Photoshop CS2 is now a free download from there website.

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