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Jupiter GRS 04.01.2014


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With Jupiter nearly at opposition and the slies being clear last night I managed to snek away from SWMBO's birthday do in town and get set up and capture just one useable avi of jupiter last night just as the GRS was starting to come into view. Below image was 3000 frames put through PIPP and with quality estimation and weighting on which resulted in an avi of 4000 frames. I then ran it through AS!2 and stacked 75% of the frames and did wavelets in registax 5.1.


I did try a couple more avis when the GRS was in the middle of the disc but my camera was really playing up. I don't know whether it was the cold (the sensor temp read as -3.3) but it refused to capture at a rate any higher than 1.4fps! So I jacked in after a few restarts which did not change anything and went into the warm.


Scope: 200P Mount: NEQ 6 pro Camera: ZWO ASI120MC  Televue Powermate x2


EDIT: I did a re-process without running it through PIPP or AS!2 and doing it entirely in registax 5.1. It only stacked 922 frames but I like that it did not crop out the moon (as it did when I ran it through PIPP as it automatically centres the planet). It's a touch softer but I quite like it so thought I would add it in below :)


Jupiter Opposition 2014US by Gattouomo161, on Flickr


Capture 05_01_2014 00_32_50REgiversionUS by Gattouomo161, on Flickr

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Couple of Beauties there mate, well done.

Thanks Andy :)

good stuff Felix

the slow frame rate must be catching as last time out my DMK was playing silly B's

wonder if it is down to Firecapture - have you updated it recently

Cheer Steve, I actually wasn't using fire capture I was using sharpcap 2. It worked fine for the above avi but just started playing up after about an hour whilst I waited for some cloud to drift over. No amount of restarting of laptops or cameras would sort it. Most frustrating!

nice images there :) you should be pleased

Thanks Sheila :)

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Guest foundaplanet

Cheers Daz yeah it has come out ok, I am still after that epic image though where you can see individual clouds etc but I think I will need a C14 for that :D


Well I reckon you may need to go to specsavers, what else is all them features.


Good job you have done there.

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