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newbie question about mounts.


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What the guys have said above.

Also, EQ is short for EQuatorial meaning the mount tracks the movement of stars/planets etc in a steady arc (if you have set it up correctly) where AZ is short for ALT/AZ meaning the mount follows stars/planets etc by going up then across, then up and across. (For astro photography you really want an equatorial mount).

Like mentioned above, the numbers are model numbers, so in essence the higher the number, the better / newer the mount, so a HEQ6 is better than a HEQ5 and so on.

Bit of a simple explanation but sometimes the best.

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The progression of model numbers usually indicates increasing firmness and accuracy of the mount and and tripod and heavier payloads. The Skywatcher brand labels models starting with the smallest/lightest EQ1 with least payload. Then it goes up EQ2, EQ3, EQ3-2, EQ4, HEQ4, EQ5 Synscan, HEQ5 Synscan Pro, EQ6, NEQ6 Synscan Pro, AZEQ6GT, EQ8.


An "H" designates "Heavy Duty",  "N" - not sure (something tells me it's "New"), and AZEQ means it works in both EQ mode (RA/Dec) and AZ mode (alt/az). "GT" usually indicates "goto" functionality, and a suffix of "Pro" hints that "professional level" pointing accuracy and tracking is almost possible. "Synscan" is the Skywatcher software/hardware system (including handset, motors, and encoders)  to provide high levels of accuracy. "M" usually indicates tracking motors only (ie no "goto"), and "GPS" indicates presence of a GPS positioning system on board.


This page will give you some idea of the numbers involved. Bear in mind Celestron have a similar progression of mount designations but it's their own version and considerably different but with some similarities.





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