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1st attempt Jup with Mak 180


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It wasn't the best seeing last night, atmospherics were boiling the image but I had to try the Mak 180 and all the gear just to make sure it all worked and to get used to things.


So heres my 1st Jupiter with the Mak 180, Vixen LV 2x Barlow making F30.

IMGOH mono cam at about 30 fps. Stacked in Registax with approx. 2000 from 3000 frames used that's how bad the conditions were. 


I've waveleted it to death to get this much but I'm happy that on a good night I should get a decent image or 2.


The Crayford and motor focuser Santa bought me excelled themselves making life so much easier. Ive only cropped a little off it as it was not v=central due to a dirty great big dust mote so this showed what image size I was getting at F30 with the max res of 640x480 on the camera. Cant wait for a steady night now



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Lovely image Phil! It was terrible early on last night. I imagine it got a lot better later on but I had packed up annoying as it clouded over-looked out f back door as was about to goto bed and it was crystal clear-DOH!

Really good picture considering last nights conditions-nice work :)

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