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Jupiter 1st attempt asi120

Guest Eddy

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Celestron C90 on NEQ6 with 2x TV Barlow + ASI120MC, I can't actually remember how many frames, best 400 out of 4000 I think, I thought given the conditions, less is more, stacked in AS!2 and few wavelets in registax 5


I'm fairly happy with the result given the crazy wobbly conditions last night.




Not quite up to the standards of everyone else but hey ho :)

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That's nice eddy :) have you tried running it through PIPP before stacking? It allows you to add gain in the process which might help make the image a little brighter. Also something I only started doing recently is running the finished image in Photoshop and using unsharp mask ( thanks Damian ;) ) to jut tweek it a little.

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Nope felix, never heard of that or know how to use it, I don't even know how to use AS!2 to be honest, i just press some random buttons, pick number of frames and go and then in registax randomly move the wavelets until it looks ok-ish.


As for it being dark, i'm using a 90mm scope remember at like F28, i've already brightened it, any more and it introduces too much noise, same with unsharp mask in PS, wasn't worth it, introduced loads of noise :/

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Good start Eddy


but I have seen quite a few say that really don't want to go much over f15 in this country with that cam resolution limits and all that, but as you know i think those are there as a challenge



I have started using PIPP  just follow the guide

I like AS2 as it works with batch stacking well when you do a good number of runs.again there is a good write up with it


wavelets mmmm it is to taste but I do like the registax 6 versions


I set the denoise to 10 or 15 and start with 5 and 2

then like you randomly tweak the others and do not be afraid to go negative with them


and try some of the other functions like deringing, contrast/brightness


and do not forget to click do all before you save it



take loads of avis batch stack, do something else while the PC chews them and process the best


have fun

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Cheers for the comments, I noticed I must have somehow ticked drizzle on the first attempt(I was wondering how it seemed so big), which probably didnt help things.


So I tried a few different settings, tried stacking more frames etc and here is what i've come up with.


Best 90% of 2000 frames(From PIPP) from original 4000, a few wavelets in registax and because ive got enough frames a small unsharp in PS2 and slight curves, the inital stack I added more gain but then in PS2 reduced brightness slightly with curves to get what I think was the best detail.


Here it is



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Thanks everyone :) I might give the 200p a bash next time but not sure I trust the small vixen/tube rings to hold it steady

I use to use a vixen dovetail and tube rings until very recently Eddy. It was only just before Christmas that I got a losmandy dovetail. It will be fine as long as all bolts are tightened securely.

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