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Jupiter 10-1-2014


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Turns out there was only 3 discs worth doing

first success this time around getting Firecapture to control the filterwheel.

next job to control approx focus on the diferent filters


8" SCT on NJP mount with x2.5 powermate DMK21

30 fps on R & B

60fps on L & G


3000 frames L

1000 each rgb


stacked 50%


run through pipp the auto stakkert 2 and then into PS (no wavelets this time)caf471fcc15d3b4378dde075a34d5669.1824x0_

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don't know whats happened with the third one at the top of the disc :facepalm:

and it is the same image posted earlier but layered in a new page


it will have to stay like that now

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I think you are capturing too much and therefore it takes longer and you are getting rotation blur which is more evident at the edges.

You need to get your capture down to about 3 minutes total for all the filters.

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thats the thing Andy they are taking less than 3 mins to do now


3000 takes 50 secs

1000 at 60 = 16

2 x 1000 at 30 =60


and 10 secs between each all auto



I will try reducing the L to 2000 and 1000 next time out


thanks for the suggestion all help welcome



its the onion ringing effect thats really annoying me






which takes  just over 2 1/2 mins

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The onion ring effect is usually because of too much gain and pushing the wavelets too much.


What model DMK21 is it old or new?


I know they don't recomend going over 30fps on the old model.

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the old one


another thing to try to limit it to 30fps


I'm sure it was not this complicated 2 years ago when I last did planetary imaging :D


I only used to do rgb


only tried the L the last session


also going to check the corrector plate is afternoon as the scope has been sat in the conservatory for the past year



have you tried that win jup that de rotates it? out of interest

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Here is a quote from a very knowledgeable planetary imager and camera expert with regards to the older DMK21-

AND NOTE: Set the camera to 30 FPS mode in IC Capture. Do not use the 60 FPS mode to avoide camera circular artifacts. 

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thank you I will try that and drop back to 30fps


corrector surprisingly clean just a few dew marks which will not be a problem

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