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OMG Help! soldering problems!


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Right please don't laugh but I haven't used a soldering iron for nearly a decade! So I want to just solder a couple of wires onto a small plug and it's not playing ball! Either the solder sticks to the soldering iron tip or the strands of copper wire but it will not stick the contact point of the plug to he copper strands which is what I need it to do!

I am sure there is a simple explanation and I am being stupid! See below pic for the two surfaces I want to stick together!

Posted Image

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Heat the work not the solder.


That is the golden rule.


Get the soldering iron hot, wipe the tip on a damp sponge to clean it off. Apply a small amount of solder to the tip to aid the conduction of heat. Hold the solder covered tip against the terminal on the plug and feed the solder to the plug terminal. Then do the same with the wire. Once both have some solder on them, heat the terminal with the soldering iron and apply the wire.

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Thanks for the offer mike bit it won't be necessary as I am absolutely stoked to announce that I have completed this power mod!! Thanks for your advice mike I actually was at breaking point when I wrote that post so you saved me! Cheers :)

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