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Stairway to Heaven


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If you haven't seen this before, it's well worth it.


I suffer from a phobia of heights and this makes my palms sweat just watching it!

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Blimey - my heart got a bit of a beat on watching that. And I've been in Gustav Eiffels office in the wind and yawing 6ft each way. Terra firma for me nowadays though lol :)

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Well, I was feeling a little cold in my house. Then I watched the tower climbing video and felt quite warm by the time it got to the end. Wow!

Many years ago, in a former life as a quantity surveyor (before health and safety was a big issue), I climbed to the top of a chimney at the the Allbright and Wilson chemical plant in Birmingham. I can't remember how high it was but it was about the tallest thing in Brum. It was a 4 foot diameter fibreglass chimney supported by a narrowing structural steel frame like an electricity pylon with a steel ladder to the top. I had to measure all the steel for painting. When I reached the top I was knackered. Then I felt a bit queasy. I then realised that the top of the structure was swaying gently about 6 foot side to side in a light wind. Didn't like that very much. :wacko:

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