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Web cam images of Jupiter (no Filters) - very blue


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Been taking some photos of Jupiter with web cams (life cam/Xbox).    In Afocal I have been using std Xbox web cam (no IR filter removed) connected to 25mm with and without barlow.

In prime focus I have used Life Cam(mods IR removed)




In Prime Focus AVI's are  blue  - is this due to not using the correct filter (ie IR/UV) . Tried lots of settings when using SharpCap2 and I can sort of change the image using Reg6 to remove the blue but the detail is not that good (my opinion).


In Afocal (Xbox unmod IR filter still intact) the AVI are again blue - which I presume is due to the same problem as above


Any hints chaps ?


At the time views of Jupiter where good thru EP's using any combo of EP and Barlows.








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does it appear blue when capturing the data or afterwards?


Can you take a screen shot and post it?


You and Ron must be neighbours!



Hi James,


Its blue , on the pc screen ,while capturing (various shades of blue depending on the settings) and blue after I have finished capture and displayed the AVI. I can change it in REG6 so its more "Normalish" but don't know if that's how it would look. Better than my first attempts which were just ultra white spinning discs (too high exp , gain etc).



Yes I believe Ron lives in the RAF camp area I live the other end of the Village.


Doesn't seem to let me insert any images,links to images etc  here - get error 

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i'll be interested to see what that does.



Next time I will try and remember to post the out come - just put my kit away to get warm  cos its cold out there tonight and the two owls near me are having a singing contest - or just laughing at my attempts - still good fun

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