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My first crack at Lunar


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Tried out my new camera adapter last night.

Quite pleased with it as a first go...... :P   What do you guys think.......?


Lunar 87% sunlit waning gibbous at 23:23hrs Sunday 19.01.14


Scope WO FLT132 apo refractor with Tv 2x Powermate.

Camera Fujifilm XE-1,  iso 200,  1/30sec exposure


Untitled by rob.0919, on Flickr

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That's lovely. Impressive first go. Lovely detail at the terminator. I think if it was slightly less exposed there would be more detail on the rest of the surface too, but tricky to get bright and dark bits matched.


You must be pleased.



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Thanks James, it was fun trying it out.

I took around 30 images, trying various exposures & iso's, with and without the power mate.


One issue i had : to my surprise with the Powermate in , i ran out of 'out' focus.

Even with the Feathertouch fully raked out (and it goes out a long way AND i also have a 50mm extender in place) i was about a cm short.

I solved this by unseating the Powermate a little till it focused. Not ideal.


Also there was difficulties getting used to focusing on my cameras digital viewfinder. It was do-able, but not easy. 

Can't wait to have another 'play'...... :lol:  I love this hobby !

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Yeah it is fun. You can get extension tubes, which might make it safer!

Do you have live view on your camera? If so can you magnify in on live view and focus that way; alternatively take a shot, zoom in, adjust the focus take another shot... Tedious but gets you good focus.

Does your camera have video mode? Take a video of the moon, 30-60 seconds, then load it into registax and it will (with some encouragement) convert it into a single framed image which will have all the good sharp bots of focus taken over that minute. If the whole moon doesn't fit on the sensor, then make a mosaic, dead easy!

It's always best to under expose on bright structures like the moon and brighter planets, as that doesn't burn out the detail.

I look forward to your next attempts.


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Thanks again James. 

Yes i have 'live-view' on the XE-1, and a video mode too.


I'd like to try using Registax soon ; trouble is i don't have a windows PC......i only use Mac / iOS 

I think i'll be in the market for a cheap laptop on eBay before long...... :blink:

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Pretty good first attempt :) You could always try merge a couple of images to stop certain areas overexposing, for the moon I tend to find anywhere between 1/100 and 1/400 produces good results, maybe 1/30 is too slow, you may as well chuck it on iso 100 if you can aswell :)

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