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Wide Field Shots from Andalucia


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Had some super dark skies on a holiday a few years back. One of those times I really wished I had a scope and the ability to track the sky. Had some fun though and the milky way was stunning!


Star Trails by sja88, on Flickr



Not totally without light pollution...

A faint Andromeda Spiral M31 above Genalguacil by sja88, on Flickr



The stunning view of the Milky Way...

Milky Way Composite by sja88, on Flickr



A home under the stars...

Yurt and the Milky Way by sja88, on Flickr




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Thanks James and Pete,


Have to say I wished I'd had a scope and tracking especially as they are quite grainy at 3200ISO to keep the exposure time down.


Spain2011-241-DSC_0198_01 by sja88, on Flickr


This version of a similar piece of sky was taken a couple of days before. Pete, you prompted me to have a look again at what is actually visible on this (Bit of scanning using Stellarium Required for me to remind myself what DSO are on here...) They are a little clearer on this one even though it doesn't cover quite as much sky.

[Edit: Grammar and typos!]



Lagoon Nebula

Triffid Nebula


Sagitarius Star Cluster

Omega Nebula

and Eagle Nebula


Are all quite visible on there. I was really happy to have caught them as I don't think they are easy to catch in the UK unless you have a really dark site and a good view of the horizon.


I hope to photograph these again sometime when I get fixed up with a scope and mount!





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