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Celestron NX90GT


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Wandering around Costco at lunch I noticed they had a Celestron NX90GT for sale at £149. It was a 90mm refractor mounted onto a Star Align Go To mount. It looks the same mount as fitted onto the 127 SLT although the tripod was aluminium.

Has anyone any experience of these, can't find any info on the net about them.

Also how easy is it to mount a different OTA at a later stage?

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Like this:




Is it a refractor or a Maksutov?


I wouldn't just buy something because it looks cheap. I'd identify what is the right kit for you, then look for that at the best price.


If this scope is a 90mm Mak, like the Sky watcher one, it has an odd little dovetail and will only fit certain (flimsy) mounts. You could get rings for it and then mount it on a more substantial mount, but a 90mm Mak is fun and very portable, but you will be limited with that you can see (Saturn, Jupiter, the moon, the sun with appropriate filters and precautions), double stars... I think most other things will be far too faint to see, plus the field of view is probably quite narrow (f/12 or so).


But if that is what you are after and it's a good price, grab it :)




P.S. I've got a 90mm Mak if you ever want to look through one; I got it as a project to guide with it, but I've put all thoughts of DSOs on hold.

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Guest Kheldar

It's a Costco only product made by Celestron


The scope is basic, the tripod is wobbly, lots of bad reviews.


I would steer clear :)

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Golden rule - never buy a scope from a high street store - always use a proper astro retailer - or you'll regret it. :)

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+1 with the above comments.

Where abouts are you Darren? See if you can get to one of the meets and have a look through some of the scopes. Imager's aside, cos they never do anything ridiculous like look through a scope, :D folks will be more than happy to help out.

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