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Jupiter Watch @ Wymeswold CANCELLED


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March 1st - 8th is National Astronomy Week, this years focus is on the Planet Jupiter. On the evening of 8th March from 7pm until 9pm East Midlands Stargazers will be (subject to weather) hosting Jupiter Watch 2014 at the playing fields, Wymeswold. (The cricket club)


There will be:


  • A slideshow of EMS members pictures and videos of Jupiter and other Solar System objects (no deep sky objects)
  • A loop of Jupiter related (and maybe other planets etc) video documentaries playing in the main room of the cricket club (unless somebody fancies doing a talk?)
  • A Live feed from a big scope out on the field showing Jupiter on a screen
  • A few scopes in the field for visitors to look through. The main focus being Jupiter, but not restricted to.
  • Tea and Coffee for visitors and members.


The event will of course be free and will be a public event, although aimed at the residents of Wymeswold primarily. It will be billed as completely weather dependent, ie if it's cloudy it will not go ahead.


What I need from you:


A big(ish) scope to whack a webcam in - Dawson, time to step up young man ;)

A few other scopes for folks to look through.

A couple or more folks to serve drinks (we can all have a stint it doesn't matter too much)*

Maybe do a star tours type of thing if there are more visitors than can be easily entertained.


* we do not need any certificates to serve hot drinks as we will take donations with a "suggested donation" of 50p per hot drink, so we won't be retailing them and the worst that can happen is they can stop us from selling drinks until we get a certificate which is administered by the local council anyway....... I shall not go on I think we know where that is going......


only other thing is, we could do with another projector or large screen to show the live feed on. I have the EMS projector and Bagman has kindly offered his again so the two shows are taken care of.


C'mon then, get your name down and what you are willing to do please :) I have created an account for us on the NAW website so I will get out event listed there shortly.



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Thanks chaps :)


Martyn, if it gets busy and we have an issue with folks standing about too much could I persuade you to do the Star Tours that never quit happened at Stargazing Live please? Hopefully it won't be an issue in which case the frac will be spot on. I won't be taking a scope so I can mill about and look after scopes etc and provide relief for others. (no rude comments please! :lol::facepalm: )

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That may work better, although I reckon Dawson's C11 is the beast for the job of capturing the photons ;) nice and long F/L should be spot on. Certainly bring your kit though :)

That's fine can use van and gazebo plus laptop power etc just let me know what you need glad to help in anyway Mike

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Let's put kim's 16 incher on Sheila's mount!

Yes i can bring the C11; though i might have got bored of it and gone back to the 90mm mak haha.

I will ask a friend about a projector +/- screen.


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I suspect even if the event is advertised just in wymeswold, there will be a massive turn out, so if Allan can do a second showing outside it would be helpful to spread the load.

Mike, do you have a plan on how to feed the data into the pavilion, as i only have very long usb leads, no wireless set up.


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just a thought set scope up very near building and chuck cables through window


less run of cables for punters to trip over


I have a couple of 5m active usb cables, screen and other kit you can use if you need it just ask


projector and body in use elsewhere

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