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Jupiter Watch with EMS CANCELLED


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March 1st - 8th is National Astronomy Week, this years focus is on the Planet Jupiter. On the evening of 8th March from 7pm until 9pm East Midlands Stargazers will be (subject to weather) hosting Jupiter Watch 2014 at the playing fields, Wymeswold. (The cricket club)


There will be:

-A slideshow of EMS members pictures and videos of Jupiter and other Solar System objects
-A loop of Jupiter related  video documentaries playing in the main room of the cricket club
-A Live feed from a big scope out on the field showing Jupiter on a screen
-A few scopes in the field for visitors to look through. The main focus being Jupiter, but not restricted to.
-Tea and Coffee for visitors and members.


This event will be completely weather dependent, if it is cloudy it will not happen.


Postcode: LE12 6UN

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Unfortunately this is now cancelled.


Due to the constant bad weather the decision has been taken to cancel Jupiter Watch. Back in January the field was a bog at the Stargazing Live event, since then it has done nothing but rain. With that in mind the pitch must now be just about as wet as a wet thing could be on a wet day. There is not enough time now for it to dry up sufficiently for it to be used for our event without churning it up. Causing damage to the pitch is the last thing we want to happen.

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