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Nexstar 127 SLT Vs Nexstar 5Se


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Do you have a link to the particular one's you're looking at Darren? Are you considering OTA's only, or scope/mount packages? It will all depend on what mount they come with and what extras are included - the SE's are usually alt/az mounted for example when purchased brand new.


Essentially the SE is a Schmitt Cassegraine whereas the 127 is a Maksutov - slightly different design but both fold light up/down the tube to attain a long focal length in a small scope. The Sct has a thin/light corrector plate, whereas the Mak has a thick/heavy meniscus lens to correct the image. Maks tend to be bullet proof (bit like the kalashnikov of compound scopes) built like a tank cos the secondary is part of the lens being "silvered" onto it. The Sct's have a collimatable secondary which is bolted to the corrector plate so it's a removable part. The Mak will take longer to cool down before the views get on song.


The views will be pretty comparable but I do like the XLT coatings of Celestron. But that said, there's nothing wrong with the SW model. I have one of each so I guess I should do a shoot out sometime. If you're local we could arrange a get together so you could have a try out of each type and see what you think. Hth :)

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The mak is probably f/12 ish, and the sct f/10; not a great deal of difference.

If you store the mak in a non-centrally heated part of the house/garage, i don't think you'd notice any cool down time difference.

The SW alt az mounts are a bit flimsy; i'd recommend going for a sturdier mount from the start and skip the intervening steps (expensive, time consuming, and frustrating). Go straight for a goto equatorial mount. Yea the initial outlay will be more, but they hold their value well so even if you were to realise in 12 months time it wasn't for you, you'd probably only lose £50 or so.

That's just my advice based on my experience and from observing other people.

If buying new, could put it on an interest free credit card and spread it out over 6-12 months.


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"Go straight for a goto equatorial mount."


This is good advice - I've also noticed that single arm fork alt/az owners tend to have loads of tedious set up and alignment problems due to cheap flimsy inadequate mountings - both SW and Celestron. Whichever ota you choose - you can't beat a good solid equatorial mount. For this size scope consider a minimum of EQ5. :)

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I used to hear, and still hear, lots of people saying "i wish i'd listened to the advice and gone straight for a XXX, and saved myself all the wasted time and expense of working my way through various XXX which i thought would be sufficient and save me money...."

Having a good solid mount is the foundations of everything in astronomy with a telescope, whether visual or imaging. Having factory fitted goto makes the hobby much more enjoyable, and yes it may be viewed as lazy as you don't learn the night sky as quickly, but i am still learning with mine, and thinking about the stuff I've learnt over the last year about where things are i've come a long way.

So yes, £500 for a mount may seem like a hellishly large outlay, but if you stay in astronomy you'll end up getting the same mount in 12-25 months time and it will have cost you £750 in all, but if you decide it's not the hobby for you, you could sell it for £450 and only lost £50.

I'd be happy to lend you a scope to put on it, if your budget did't extend to buying a scope in the first instance too. I've got a SW 127 on loan to someone else at the moment. I've got a 180 mak in the garage which is not doing anything for the time being.

Honestly, get a solid equatorial mount; it's not a decision you'll regret whatever happens.


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Totally agree with above. A good mount will last a lifetime. However I really want a GM1000 and I have a nice NEQ6 :) we always want more than we presently have. I also want a 16 inch light bridge dob! :D

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"I also want a 16 inch light bridge dob!"


Sigh...... Always gotta have what the big kids have got lol :lol:


(When I'm recovered I'll bring it down to your place for a spin round your dark sky. I'll bet it's darker than my driveway) :)

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