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Observatory Potential.....? I wonder.....?


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Guest fondofchips

Some put the whole shed on runners so the shed moves away from the telescope & pier.

I would prefer to have a ROR roof as you & the scope get some shelter from any wind from the obsy side walls.

The shed is quite heavy, (8ft x 6ft is 1160 kg) so probably wouldn't need much added strength for the runners & it won't need any mantenance either.

A nice find & would probably suit people who may have to move in the future, would be easier to move than an old wooden shed.

The security is an added bonus too.

The build should be:

Pier & base first

Build up shed minus the roof.

Add runners to the shed & supports for the overhanging open roof runners.

Put roof back on.


Runners & wheels need to held in - so that the roof does not blow off see picture of my obsy: http://stargazerslounge.com/gallery/image/21541-runner-detail/

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Guest fondofchips

.......and comes with a 50 year guarantee !!  It'll outlast me then !  :lol:

Me too!


This shed would be good in a confined space, if you take the 8 x 6 as 6 x 6 viewing & the ROR roof only needs to move just over 6 feet then it would fit into a 15ft long space.

The other 2 feet not used inside could hold a shelf etc for a laptop & all the other accessories.


Might need a obsy muscle party though to put the roof back on after the runners are fitted!

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