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S@N magazine Feb 2014


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Again, another interesting issue.


Lots of pretty pictures.


Intesting short article about argon in M1.


Stuff about the new S@N program due to start in Feb with Maggie Aderin-Pocock (who is a bit like Patrick but black and female); otherwise it sounds like they aren't doing anything to change the format....


John Culshaw's article on exoplants; I just don't get him as a serious writer.


More pretty pictures from readers.


Articles on:

- Venus

- Dealing with dew (which I didn't think was much cop)


Several adverts for the widescreen centre.


Monthly night guide - always useful and interesting.


Deep sky tour around Ursa Major.


Interesting article on imaging M42 by Pete Lawrence.


Thing on the clear skies in Australia.


Fascinating article on all the junk that is in space, and what problems it poses and potential solutions to resolve this.... A real worry which I hadn't fully appreciated before.


Interesting article about Galileo.


Article on how to set up an AZ goto mount; useful for those starting out with this kit and which I wish I'd had access to 2 years ago.



- a pair of knockers

- Atik 490EX (no idea)

- PixInsight software

- other bits and bobs including a dual finderscope bracket which looks handy


A good read.


Leigh gets it after me but if anyone wants it after him let him know. Otherwise buy your own copy you cheap skate :)



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Not to mention Pete Shah has been published, with a Horse Head. Nice one Pete.


Iam not impressed with the Bino's, granted they are impressive, but for two grand you don't even get some eyepieces to get you going. They didn't think that one through.

Iam getting a little fed up of everything getting four out of five stars, lets have some gritty and real reviews.


I think they seem to have crow-barred John Culshaw in somehow, and I don't get it. If I want fantasy I'll go to Disney. He would be better employed doing stuff from the point of view of the serious amateur, which he is.  

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Sorry Peter Shah, I overlooked you :(


I ignore the actual star ratings now, but just hope the reviewer actually has the chance to put the kit through its paces and looks up the faults (and joy) that others are experiencing, on such places as the forums.



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