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Hi all from a freezing cold Ipswich


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First let me introduce myself.

My name is Graham and I have been a keen amature astronomer for just over a year now.

My kit consists of an 8 inch Helios reflector sat on an upgraded and much modified EQ5 mount running Synscan pro.

I guide the scope with a home made 5 inch refractor through PHD and the SPC 900.

This is a permenant set up in my home made obs on a purpose built 8 inch steel pier all run with the aid of two computers from my house.

My sky watching time is spent mainly with astro imaging using a Samsung SBC 2000 video camera for the DSO stuff and a Phillips 900 web cam for planetary work.

My goals are to get into DSLR photography and to improve my spelling although it is probably too late in the day for the latter.

I also intend to build my own 16 inch reflector including the mirrors and a huge EQ mount to sit it on.

For those of you that wonder about my name let me explain.

I have been running my own steel fabrication company now for over 15 years.

After getting into this brilliant hobby I quickly discovered that getting decent astro gear at sensible prices in this country was next to impossible so I decided to start up a company dedicated to the fabrication of astro gear.

I have been invited to become an aproved trader by a member and if the administrators agree I would be delighted to accept this invitation.

Many thanks for reading this.


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Welcome Graham to EMS,

I'm really glad you have agreed to become an approved trader and look forward to seeing what you have on offer and reading your posts.

Welcome aboard.

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Hi Graham and welcome to EMS :)

I'm sure many of our members will be interested in your offerings - reasonably priced astro kit is often hard to find. Good to have you on board :)

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