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Free Online Astronomy Course - 'Moons'


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I've just signed up to this free online course 'Moons' by The Open University on FutureLearn and I thought you might also like it:


It states just 3 hours a week so thought it looked interesting and requires not as much time commitment as the previous course that some of you have enrolled on. I'll give it a go :)

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If OU are like coursea than that 3 hours per week will be more like 30 :lol::P


Unfortunately it takes place over the 2 months leading up to my A Level exams so I think I'm going to give this one a miss :(


Looks nice enough though :)

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It can't be as abstract as our course!

Do feed back on how it goes and how time consuming it is. If it's favourable i might sign up next time around if they run it again.

The theories that i'm aware of on the origins of our moon are fascinating.

Good luck.


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That looks like a very interesting course. I would love to do that if I had more spare time.


I've done several OU short courses and can thoroughly recommend them.


The last one I did was "The Planets" which included some very interesting stuff about moons.

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3 hours a week shouldn't be too bad I guess... And hopefully OU mean it when they say no previous knowledge required :lol:


well normally they mean it :wacko:  but i would perhaps allow more time :lol:

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Futurelearn (part of the OU) are running a free online course on 'Moons' - I've just signed up ... it's free so nothing to lose and I might even learn something!




Starts = 17 March.

Duration = 8 Weeks.

Time = est 3hrs/week.


Requirements = An interest in learning about the moons of our Solar System and the methods used to understand them. Prior knowledge of astronomy is not expected.



They also run a number of other free courses, some quite interesting but mostly non-astronomy, although there is one on the discovery of the Higgs Boson.

I was almost tempted to try the 'Kitchen Chemistry' course, but SWMBO looked a little worried at the thought of me meddling with chemistry in the kitchen!





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