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Cicuit help! Agggh!


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Thought I'd start this separately to Martyn's thread as I didn't want hijack it more than I had done already!

Right I'm gonna pull my hair out! I now have all the bits required.

-10K pot that is also a switch-as in if you keep turning it you hear a "click" which cuts the power (see pic)

Posted Image

-small project box

-9V battery

-battery connector

-copper board (for when I get that far!)

-1K resistors and 270ohm resistors

-Red LED's

-wires, solder, heat shrink tubing etc

Now my problem is how do I wire it all together? Especially this switchable pot? I was gonna follow a tutorial on instructables but that was with a regular pot. But the guy at maplins recommended a pot that also switched the light off so I went with it! What an idiot I am. I am sure it is laughable to people in the know how useless I am with this kind of stuff but I want to do it so I learn :)

Hope somebody can help! :)

Thanks in advance!

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Cheers for input everyone. I'm sure I'll be able to work it out eventually....maybe......or I might end up coming to see you Leigh! :D

Thanks for the pic Ron-the pot handle cuts down and I will out a knob on it also :)

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Posted Image

It is done. Whether it works remains to be seen. I copied Dion (from astronomy shed) idea of attaching the LED to a little clip that clips onto the bottom of the finder scope dew shield lip and shines the red light down the finder scope. Will report back if it works or if it was all a colossal waste of time :)

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Hi Felix


The three long contacts are for the pot itself either end of the resistor and the slider on the middle connector.


Usually just use one end and the middle connector to use the pot as a variable resistor.


The connectors underneath are for the switch. If it has three contact there will be a common a normally open and a normally closed contact.


You will want to interrupt the positive side of the power supply with the common and NO.



Hope this helps!

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