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New Webcam 880/900

Guest Eddy

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Got my 880NC webcam delivered today, it was used and was £20 from Rother Valley Optics, it seems to have been flashed already as when I plugged it in, windows 7 picked it up as a 900nc, so I opened up Sharpcap and it seems to be all blurry and I noticed the lens is missing, is this the reason and will it be fine once I get my adapter for my scope? You literally cant see anything, its just a blur of like 1 colour or 2 on the screen that changes wherever I point it.


At a guess I think its just because there's no lens so its unbelievably out of focus.

Also as I'm typing this I've noticed its starting to get reasonably warm, I don't have any background of the webcam at all so don't know what been modded or flashed or what not.

I guess if nobody is 100% I'll just wait for my adapter and see how it goes.



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Once it's out in the cold snapping away the temperature should come down a fair bit. In the house my SPC900 allways warmed up but never so much it stopped working, not even after several hours of use :)

A bhatinov mask for the scope will be dead useful getting it focussed on a star.

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turn up the gain in sharpcap when focusing will help when using a mask, try the Moon first it`s much easier to focus and get the image onto the chip. they can be great little cameras. don`t forget the uv/ir filter.

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