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aligning and converting images in photoshop HELP !

red dwalf

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Hi all,

need your help again,

i have some LRGB images that have already been stacked into there LRGB images,

i load the four LRGB images into Photoshop, already they are 16 bit, and converted to grey.

now my problems start L.O.L. 

as the RGB images are slightly mis aligned i want to align them first before i go to channels and covert then to RGB, i can do this by copying two images onto the first image and aligning them but then when i go to channels it wont let me merge the channels into 3 RGB, the channel merge button is grayed out, if i don`t align the the images first it allows me to merge the channels into 3 RGB channels but the stars are mis aligned and it looks a mess.


can anyone help, either with a step by step blow or a fools tutorial somewhere on the net, even followed the instructions in every photon counts which works but leaves out the bit where i need to align the images first so doesn`t help.


images are 16 bit  fit files and i`m using Photoshop CS3 


many thanks

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looks interesting especially the bit that says Save the aligned layers as separate images, not seen that in any instructions yet,

fingers crossed it works

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open all images in ps


start a new image a little bigger than needed

make sure its rgb


copy and paste rgb it its respective chanel

pick one as your base image say green


click green eye

click red eye and high light it by clicking Red

then use move tool (looks like a +)  to move red around so they line up using mouse or direction keys

unclick eye in red and click blue eye then highlight it as before move it around


click eye RGB and hight rgb and it should be in colour


copy and paste the L an as a layer and move it around as before




if not drop me a pm




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Stack all red images in dss with first set as reference frame.

Load all green images plus first red again. Select all. Set red as reference. Deselect red. Stack images.

Repeat for blue images.

By using first red as reference frame, but not including in the green and blue stacks you have forced them to align with the red.

Your rgb stacked files will now line up in PS.


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thanks for that Noel, you did tell me about that technic the other week, i had totally forgotten, brain struggling to remember things now i`m 47

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