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Hi from bomber county


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Hi all, I live in Lincolnshire on an RAF base with a College.

I am AKA g0ibi

I am building an obsy at the moment, the base is down and the pier complete.

I own a SW 200PDS on an EQ5 and a SW 127MAK.

Looking forward to some interesting chats!


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Thanks Mick. I came to the Belper site on the October meeting, when is the next meeting there, this year?

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We are discussing at the moment and I think it will be friday 30th Dec, as soon as it's confirmed I'll place a thread in the anouncement section.

And btw thanks for the "Like this" ticks

Sorry glider we wrote a message the same time.

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Hi all, will keep an eye on the forum then, looking forward to it. At least there's no work the following day!!

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Hi Ron, welcome to EMS.

That shows commitment doing the trek to the dark site from your house, hope you enjoyed it.

Look forward to seeing you again.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's about a 80 mile round trip, roads are quite good though!

Any conformation on the meeting on 30/12/11 ?

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