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What we can and cannot promote

Sunny Phil

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I know that it is right that we cannot promote financial interests on this board. However, I am doing something that is vouluntary, that is free. Is it OK to promote it?

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+1 for what James said.

The likes of people's own websites are promoted by themselves by putting a link in their signature and refering to them only when required (to answer somebody's questions for example).

We have traders on this website, so if you are selling astro related products then that is allowed but goes in the astro sellers section.

If in doubt, ask a moderator.

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Hi Phil


What we don't allow is unauthorised traders - we provide trade boards for the authorised ones and they are expected to keep all advertising there. They aren't allowed to link to their boards in other threads nor include trade links in signatures.


We also don't promote charities (money raising or otherwise) because this is essentially an astronomy website for the purpose of hanging out to chat astro and arrange local meetings at dark sites - or astro "get togethers" (eg EMS events, EMS starparties, obsy trips, even pub meets, etc).


Sometimes a member will put a diy project together and make it available for members at cost of materials. That's seen as "contribution" of time and effort for the good of other members, with no profit made - and is allowed - but we do like to vet it first to ensure it's legit.


This generally keeps the forum clear of "clutter" and irrelevant material - and maintains the astronomy aspect of the EMS. :)


(Links to your own astronomy based website are fine - so long as it's obviously an astronomy website and not a deliberate sales or "cause" promoting site. If you have a link to your voluntary work on your own astro website (eg under "other interests") then we will check it out - but you are at liberty to do that so long as it's not promoted directly from here).

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