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Wireless gamepad ?

rainbow demon

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Hi all


Wonder if anyone can help with this, been using eqmod on the lappy and all is well, decided to get a wireless gamepad, had a look in maplins and brought the Logic3,    full title,    PS909-Freebird stealth wireless gamepad with vibration for PS3. it comes with a dongle and a USB cable to charge the built in batteries, here's the rub, it works ok when the USB/charging cable is plugged in but doesn't work when unplugged, am I missing something here ? thought that's what the wireless bit in the description  was all about.

The gamepad is for PS3/PC and  running windows 7.






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If its the same as mine on the dongle there is a green led and a flashing yellow led which only flashes when the handset is turned on.

On the handset there is a green led which again only lights up when the handset is turned on.

Are all you led's working ??

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the wireless receiver needs to be plugged into the laptop or pc, install the drivers for it and it should work, i use a xbox controller with a xbox 360 wireless receiver plugged into the pc, one thing it does do, after 10 or 15 minutes without use it turns itself off, you have to go into eqmod and re initialise it, one click and it starts again.   

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Ive been using a Logitek rumblepad on my Cge for years before eqmod was a twinkle in someones eyes :-)

If your dongle is plugged in and you have installed the drivers correctly you should be able to call up the pad config/test screen for the pad. Using that make sure it communicates and all works ok.If it does then its something in eqmod you havent set up. If it doesnt then its your pc not recognising the pad.

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Hi guys.


Thanks for all your comments, all very helpful, tried everything again, went into  control panel, hardware and sound, devices, game control settings, psr properties to configure the gamepad and no response, unless the usb cable is connected, so I think you are right phil the lappy isn't recognising the gamepad, so unless there is anything else I can do, will just have to put up with having it connected by the usb cable, at least it does work.


Thanks again everyone.


Cheers Pete.

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