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The Moon


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I've just been looking through a book Leigh has lent me called "Full Moon" (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Full-Moon-Michael-Light/dp/0224063049/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1391702472&sr=8-2&keywords=full+moon); mostly photographs of the various trips to the Moon, and on the Moon. Really nice.


I'd never through much about the actual surface of the Moon, and looking at some of the photos, as well as massive impact craters, there are also countless small craters, the size of two moon boot steps or so, and I guess these have been formed in a very similar fashion, but by smaller solar system debris, presumablythe size of grains of sand.


Also, some lovely pictures of the far side of the moon, which we seldom see (even Damian Peach can't image that!); this image of the far side is taken from Google:








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The far side is much more heavily cratered then the side we see, it's a shame we never see it.


The best moon book I think is the Rukl one, I have it and it helped me do my Lunar 100.




It also helped me compile a Lunar 100-200. I done this as there is not one in existence and I'm about halfway through completing it.


But I compiled it when I had my 16" dob, so a few objects are now out of reach.


I love moon books will have to get this as a birthday prezzie.

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I've got my eyes on the Rukl book, but the latest edition is in the region of £150.


I just orered myself a copy of this little book second hand from Amazon Marketplace Germany for £4.


The Lunar 100 looks amazing and well done for doing it; great sense of achievement.



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