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An interesting find


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Some may know that I dabble in antiques and at a recent fair I came across this novel device. Dating from anywhere between late 19th century to 1930s (very difficult to date some old astro stuff sometimes) this is a novel device a combined star diagonal and sun diagonal.


I immediately zeroed in on it as it was lacquered brass but the hole in the back and the window in the side saying star gave me indications that it was one of these.


The eyepiece collar with RAS thread is missing and the prism inside is a little chipped but for £6 I couldn't resist. I reckon its useable as a star diagonal because the chip in the prism is on the edge only. I doubt I shall be using the sun facility from a safety point of view but when sorted it will make a nice addition to my antique scopes accessory box.


Here it is in star mode with Star showing through the window





To swap one takes a small screw out of the front and removes the front RAS to withdraw the barrel then you turn the barrel round and refit in the body and refit the screw.




The window displays SUN then when in Sun mode




Clever these Victorians you know?

We sometimes are guilty of thinking that we invented gadgets but they had a gadget for everything.


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Cheers chaps, im always on the lokout for old astro stuff, the same guy had a couple of very large newt flats which i was tempted by but they had severe chipping and pitting. Its not very often you come across astro stuff at these fairs and especially at reasonable prices

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