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The mount has a new home.


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I have been on call this weekend, so I spent some time down the shed.

I ripped out the knackered interior of an old tool case which I have knocking about for years. I didn't want to chuck it, as it was an expensive box in it's day.

So I have made a new home for the mount head to live in. 


It locks onto a location fitted where the dovetail sits and is anchored where the main bolt goes through the base fitting. This ensures it all stays in place. The interior has been relined with the trusty old Decathlon fitness mat, which was never destined to see human flesh in this house. :D


I feel a bit happier now that the most important bit of the mount has a safe place to stay.


Just got to think of something for carrying the weights now.




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A big NADA on the dark side Rob. My frac looks at home on it though.


It's all been getting some love and attention while the weather is pants.

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