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X Box Live Cam Test is a success !


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Follow up to my last.

I just managed to grab 2 1000 frame, rough focus shots of the moon before it started raining again.

Ok it was through the clouds but it does prove this web cam can be modded and used for astro.


Taken with the X Box Live Cam through the ST80.

Both these were 1000 frames.

Just stacked in Registax 5 - no adjustments, wavelets or anything.






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great pics for a web cam and no processing - Now try the M/soft Life HD Web Cam 30fps and full HD 720 - but you cant moan at the xbox for £5 


Hi Clive

Might do that at a later stage.

I am only going to be using this as a guide camera. :)

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Well as an update to any one interested I am now guiding.
Currently doing 10 min subs on M1.
The star definition with this camera is incredible.
I will have to see if I can download its own specific drivers as you get very little control over it in PHD.
I need to drop the frame rate a bit as it is currently running at 40 frames per second.
Having said that it is sooooo sensitive I am running PHD at 0.02 seconds to calm it down.

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