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Observatory Mount in dry dock again


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My observatory mount (an original Celestron CGE, not the new plastic CGEM or CGE pro rubbish) has been suffering these past few years with condensation problems in the dear old blighty wet and cold weather, present conditions have made it worse.


The other year I thought the mount had died completely but a dry out and a fresh anticondensation crystal pack plus making sure the mount and crystal pack were sealed in a scope coat helped me through that year. Then in December it due to a leak in the roof system the obs got very damp and the crystals and bag could not compete and the mount suffered again.  


I sorted (temporarily) the roof leak and got the mount up and running again with a fresh crystal pack and bag plus I conformal sprayed the electronics boards and all was well till yesterday. The combination of the current wet weather and the observatory still a bit damp following the leak has taken it out again.


So I am now forced to have to do something more permanent as follows-


  1. The roof will be fixed permanently in the dryer weather, if ever we get any. Im geared up with new felt and seals anyway so just waiting for some sun.
  2. I am going to bite the bullet and run a permanent mains down there, was trying to avoid this. Ive been 12v battery and solar power for the past 6 years down there.
  3. Ive ordered a 3W enclosure anticondensation heater from Radio Spares which is going to be installed in the pier head under the electronics column with suitable ventilation and breathing holes. This will be mains run with a timer and will be ticking away keeping condensation out from November to April


I did buy a small Dehumidifier to help dry the observatory out but these will only work properly at or above 15 degree C, so in order for that to work I would have to have the dehumidifier running as well as a heater, no contest Im afraid.


So on with the mods, will post a few pics as Im progressing

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I feel your pain Phil.

I have the same problem with my obs roof.

The last storm removed the felt completely ( no idea where it ended up vanished completely )

I too now have running water in the obs.

All I need like you is a break in this bloody awful weather to carry out repairs.

Chin up Phil the sky has to run out of rain soon,,, doesn't it :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash:

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I need a new country more like. :-)

Graham, my leak is from the warm room roof which still has the old felt nailed to it. The felt is shot and the water is seeping through. I refelted the roll off roof last autumn using the thicker 15year felt and instead of nailing it I glued it using the pitch felt glue, much more water proof and its held down all over so is less likely to be lifted by wind.

Unfortunately when I changed the roll off roof felt I ran out and decided to leave the rest till this year, big mistake. Even though its not leaking its still damp and mould is starting now, sheeesh. Means Im going to have to treat the inside walls now.

Hope you get yours sorted

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