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Tea & Stars in Allestree Park this Saturday, 15th February

Magellan Boy

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We'll be joining Derby Museum & Art Gallery and Alvaston Park Friends for some TEA AND STARS IN ALLESTREE PARK this Saturday 15th February 2014 from 5 pm onwards at the Golf Club House, Allestree Park, Derby. A variety of telescopes will be be brought along by members and visitors are encouraged to bring along their own. We'll be on hand to offer advice on choosing and using telescopes and binoculars and finding your way around the night sky, what to look for etc. We also have a display inside the club house and if the weather is too bad we'll have some scopes inside as static exhibits.


More details...

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Thanks for the heads Mike. Glad I came along for a bit and nice to meet up with a few you.  


Better weather than I expected... ok it was still pretty grim. Also thanks to the chap who pointed out M32 with his green laser for me! Made finding it very easy and nice to see it in my binoculars.


Nice to get a quick glimpse of Jupiter. Sorry that is started raining just as a left... hope you had some more gaps in clouds later so everyone could get a look.


Best wishes



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No problem Steve, glad you could make it! I'll pass on your thanks to the other Mike in our club - it was he holding the laser...

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