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Jet Stream

Guest CodnorPaul

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Guest Tweedledum

Hi Paul,


The jetstream has behaving badly for a few years now.  You have probably noticed over the past few summers! when it moves south it 'blocks' highs and we experience the cold wet summers of late. Its normal position is north in the summer and thats when we want High pressure over Denmark / Scandinavia which give us nice warm summers. These are the blocking highs we want!.

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That's sounds like we need weather control systems - Can I have 25c during the day and 12c during the night (7-5) with clear still air all the way up Please - oh and rain between say 6-7am and again 5-6pm for the crops.


Seriously the jet stream is one of the effects but its the cause that's the problem and that opens another can of worms - whats the saying "butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil and we get a hurricane".


Still ,of late it was beginning to look like the film "Day after tomorrow"

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Guest Tweedledum



Don't want control, want proper defined seasons. The effect is that the jetsream delivers our weather, when it deviates from the 'norm' within limits of statistical calculation, we end up with pants weather!...


Cause, now there's a good un...mving of the Atlantic Conveyor?? but it still boils down to climate change.


Could like 'The day after tomoorow' except for the cheesy grin!!!

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