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Celestron Nexstar 102 GoTo @ Costco


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Just back from Costco for the monthly Bacon and Tea Bag replenishment run and I noticed they have the Celestron Nexstar 102 with GoTo for £134 plus the salt n vinegar. It comes with 5 EP's too. Not a bad price if you ask me. And before anybody starts, I am NOT going to buy one! Lol. I'd be right in the dog house, it's bad enough having to time deliveries whilst she's at work as it is without bringing anymore scopes back...... Still got to break it to her I'm going to be having an ST80 :blink:

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Prices I've seen on the net are £190 - £220 ish from Costco with the VAT it comes in at £161 or there abouts. Bare in mind it's not the SLT.


I forget which EP's it comes with now, but there were 5. I do remember an 8mm and 12.5mm were mentioned on the box. AFAIK the others available on the net at the above mentioned prices come with just 2 EP's.

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I have to say I'd be a little concerned about stability. An f10 on that mount?

Yeah, but horses for courses and all that. At that price it's a pretty good deal, could always sell the OTA on at a later date and put something a bit shorter on there, it's a dovetail mount so lots would fit. Could be a nice grab n go......? I need to stop now, I'm almost begining to want one myself lol

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