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S@N magazine March 2014


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I don't know where the weeks go!


Another good issue; I'm not on commission.


Pretty pictures.

Hubble deep sky images always amaze me; it's incomprehensible to me how many galaxies are out there!

News articles

Short piece on Maggie Aderin-Pocock.

John Culshaw's exoplanets; only half read as I got bored.


Lots of images of comet ISON

N article on observing Jupiter, and showing the names of the belts/zones and stuff about its moons

Basic article on imaging Jupiter.

Good article on "the perils of perihelion" by Will Gater, talking about comet ISON. fascinating images from SOHO's LASCO C3 instrument.

Monthly night guide:

- opportunity to see / image a 1% lite crescent of the moon on 31st March immediately after sunset.

- double moon transit shadows on Jupiter at 23:18 on 16th March

- Saturn and the moon 1 degrees apart at 2:30 on 21st March

- Venus looks good for March

Deep sky tour: lots of things to look for in Coma Berenices

Astrophotography: capturing the crescent moon and earthshine (talking about using HDR technique).

Article on observatories in Chile and many have been turned to remote access telescopes.

Article on Grail, mapping the moon's gravitational map

Article on using remote telescopes; I was unimpressed by the results shown

Article on the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram and star colour

Interesting article on building a seat around your battery.

Scope doctor on astrotrac.


- Borg 89ED f/4.3 (£2295)

- celestron skyris 445C (£649)

- pentax astrotracer DSLR camera kit


- chris hadfields guide to life on earth

- the constellation observing atlas (I'd be intersted to see this book).


- altair 20mm hyperwide 100 degree fov EP (£339)

- battery powered warm socks

- flip mirror (OVL, £59)


Then Astronomy Now drops through the letter box and have to start over again.... At least AN has a nice big poster of Jupiter in it :)



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I've had quite a few pairs of these battery powered heated socks that use D cell batteries and I don't rate them at all. Very poor performance indeed.

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Warm socks - use wheat/corn  "in soles" - heat up wheat (which are in bags) in M/wave - put in boots keeps warm for ages. Only problem don't expect to walk to far. - on the plus side you do grow taller.


:D  :evil:  

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