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22 Feb Morning Moon


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Hi all,


The moon was stunning this morning through bins and it inspired me to  take a few shots using my DSLR. These are single exposures cropped and with a rough edit using the Nikon software.


I took quite a few images and have tried stacking using Registax but basically the application hangs if try any more than about 2 images. Any advice on using Registax  would be more than welcome. Obviously it is mainly used for stacking avi's but should be able to do single frame jpg's too. Are these files  just too big? Or is it that my PC (just a humble net book) is  not up to  the job?


DSC_1176 by sja88, on Flickr


DSC_1161 by sja88, on Flickr



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Yes lovely; the contrast between the bright and dark bits is more appealing in the first image for me, but i like the shadows on the craters at the bottom of the second image.

Great job.


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Guest ecopley

My net book does OK with rstax but it takes ages. It also behaves as though it's not doing anything at all for impressively long periods. If you are using hi resolution DSLR frames then I'd set it to start and then make a cup of tea. You'll have to be very patient with the wavelets too!

I think we are all so used to things being instant, or at least pretty quick, that we forget about the mountains of maths that's happening. It's not easy maths either. On a net book designed to browse the web and do a little typing it's a bit of a miracle that these things work at all!

Of course, I could just be talking rubbish. ;).

Nice pictures!

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For info:

Nikon D5000

Tamron 70-300mm

The 1st one: ISO320, 1/800s, f5.6 (as fast as the lens goes)

The brighter (2nd) one: ISO400, 1/60s, f14


I agree with James. I like them both for different reasons. The brighter one shows much nicer detail around the terminator when as the dimmer one has better contrast on the brighter illuminated side. Would be nice to get some stacked to improve the dynamic range (?) overall.


I tried making tea, going for shower and then shopping... :( My netbook was still not playing! It is not even getting past the aligning stage?! I think I have the patience of a monk when it comes to letting it process stuff. I do like to see what I can squeeze out of these machines. Could be an issue with swap file space as I am having issues with running out of storage and also registax seemed to have some [compatibility] issues after installation?! threw up a  couple of errors/exceptions and then asked me to reinstall it with recommended compatibility settings (again any thoughts welcome!?)


Thanks tbird/Paul, I'll have a look at Pipp. That was just thing I wanted to automate earlier if at all possible (centring and cropping) Super!


Thanks all for comments and having a look.



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Had a play with PIPP. Does exactly what I wanted. Could then run either an AVI or set of Tiff's through registax. The avi produced had quite obvious polygonal shapes so went with the tiffs for now.


This is my first effort and it evidently has some issues. I think it only chose 5 frames in the end. Possibly due to varying brightness but has also got a little confused with some of the aligning too I think. For a start it has an obvious ark on the left hand side. Three may also be a very faint moon to the right of the image but it has some pleasing features too I think for a 1st effort.


Next time I take shots I'll aim not to vary the exposures so much. I may even shoot in video and try and crop/convert that?


Moon Feb22 1 Reg Export by sja88, on Flickr


All for tonight... it's late!



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