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Some of our kit.....


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Just a couple of bits of my kit - the CPC-800 is now a 925 - I upgraded since this was taken - and the side by side setup is now on an NEQ6 Pro :)


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  • 2 months later...

Thanks folks - I still have it all except the 800 is upgraded to 925 and I have the Altair 115EDT extra. Oh and the CG5 is now NEQ6 Pro - there's a pic somewhere on here of the Atair/NEQ6 :)

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They are all nice set ups but if you don`t mind me asking, which do you find yourself using the most?

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Thanks Dan :)

@Paul - to be honest I'm a bit hit and miss which one I use most. Thing is it all depends on conditions, how much time we have (which is allways limited), and what Di wants to do. For observing dso's we get the dob out, if we want to do planetary observing we get the Sct on the alt/az mount. The 115 EDT is relatively new and we have yet to get imaging with it, so we've been using it for observing solar system and a little dso so far. When we do get imaging the Meg72 will make a nice finder and we'll use the finder as a guider. Or we may use the ST80 as a guider and the finder for finding. Some of the time my backs a bit knackered so we get the Meg72 out on an AZ4 as a grab and go. :)

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