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Today's Changes


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You will have noticed some changes to EMS following today's downtime.
We've reduced the number of moderators overall with Staff members focusing on their specific roles. All of our titles have been changed to reflect this so you know what we do.
As there are now fewer moderators on the boards we'll need members to use the report button if anything looks out of the ordinary. You can find this below each post. We'd rather get too many reports than none at all, so please use the report button if you are unsure whether something should have been posted on the forum.
If you need to contact a moderator you can find out who they are here.
We've cheekily borrowed the colours used on SGL for member titles since they work quite well and many members post on both sites. :)
Blue = Administrator & Webmaster
Red = Staff Member (moderator)
Green = Staff Member (non moderator)
We've changed Traders to a lovely shade of Orange. :)
It's back! The Shoutbox was originally removed due to a lack of support however it's been confirmed now that the Shoutbox will be updated for future versions. We know a lot of you had missed this so we decided to bring it back.
Chat Room
It's gone! There's little point having two things that do the same job so we've removed this altogether.

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